Leo (2007)

Surrounded by his family and friends Leo celebrates his 30th birthday by toasting the future. But when the party ends and Leo and his girlfriend walk home something happens that will change their lives forever...

Movies Detail of Leo (2007)

✓ Title : Leo
✓ Release Date : November 15th, 2007
✓ Genres : Drama, Crime
✓ Runtime : 78 minutes
✓ Director : Josef Fares
✓ Writer : Josef Fares
✓ Companies : Trollhättan Film, SVT, Film i Väst, Memfis Film
✓ Country : Sweden
✓ Cast : Leonard Terfelt, Eva Fritjofson, Pavle Kukulj, Jan Fares, Yngve Dahlberg, Sara Edberg, Maria Brandt, Shahab Salehi,, Josef Fares, Dragomir Mrsic

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Well, Leo (2007) is good movie with a talanted cast and top level director. The Leo (2007) itselft directed by Josef Fares and Starring by Leonard Terfelt, Eva Fritjofson, Pavle Kukulj, Jan Fares, Yngve Dahlberg, Sara Edberg, Maria Brandt, Shahab Salehi,, Josef Fares, Dragomir Mrsic which made Leo (2007) enjoyable to watch and spending your time alone or with family and friends.

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GenresDrama, Crime
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